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Sunday, April 16, 2006


April 14th was Cake and Cunnilingus day. (careful!)
They always tell me when its over.

But good news is, its not over yet..

Best consumed over 7 days.

Shopping List:

1 chocolate mud cake
1 carrot cake (Some nice healthy vegetables)
1 banana cake (A lashing of fruit)
1 coffee cake (Keeps you alert)
1 cheesecake
1 ice cream cake
1 sponge cake
7 cup cakes

1 partner (at least) with long tongue, expertise in pussy licking and an
obsession with making you come.

The Diet:

Take cake of your choice into bedroom. Remove clothing and position
yourself on the bed according to preference. Direct partner into correct
position between your legs. (Read on..)


:-) said...

Girls bring on your cakes :-)

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