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Monday, March 28, 2005

Mini Break

Coming soon (somewhere in the months of May and June)

Vipassana Chronicles IV & V
The story of moby dick I & II

For now, I am either running out of juices or being too busy with my
personal and professional life.

I love you.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Love (lack of)

In ecstasy the heart is beating,
Old joys for it anew revive;
Inspired and God-filled, it is greeting
The fire, and tears, and love alive.

Alexander Pushkin

Although I hide it
My love shows in my face
So plainly that he asks me,
"Are you thinking of something?"

Taira no Kanemori

Covenants are killed
and Halo is Destroyed.
The world is saved.

Through it, the
Master Chief silently
ate the loneliness and
burned a hole in his heart.
Its a hush hush now that he
is a rebel at Spartan 117.

All that the mighty Chief
asked for is a little love,
a little sun shine and
a companion. So far, he
got none.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Couple of weeks

Lots of stuff I wanted to write but ended up not writing.

Feb 24-27: I attended a summit in Bangalore called ‘Young Indians’ Summit
organized by CII ( Confederation of Indian Industries). The Chief Mentor of
CII made every one (seven hundred of us, entrepreneurs, defense men,
professionals, heads and elected members) of us to hold the hands of the ones
sitting next and make a pledge,Together we will transform India.

The summit was basically a get together for like minded ones. The attendees
were a lot of 'who is who' from different fields. The presentations were eye
openers and the questions asked were smart. I felt a tinge of pride
(about myself) for whatever difference I tried to make, despite all the odds.
At the end of the summit I got a little emotional and in my return journey
I thought of a post called The Great Indian Journey.

Mar 2: We had a monthly sales meet and later decided to exit from couple of
products. One of them a highly 'concept oriented' and a 'socially responsible'
and 'environmental friendly' product. Around twelve months back I had put
my heart and soul into this product. I had the rare opportunity to meet the
inventor (?) of the product, a Japanese professor (a Mr. Higa) and wanted to
truly transform India. How we failed is a typical 'Only in India' case study.
It was a painful and at the end an absolutely hilarious journey. I thought of
doing a post about called 'A pig ate our project'. It was an interesting
journey. This product took me to the gullies of Calcutta to dumps of twin
cities to the fresh water aqua culture in Goa to the highlands in Lunavala to the
ministers of the state to the Pune Municipal corporation.

Mar 3: A loan from a bank for which we fought with red tape for four long
months got finally sanctioned. The ifs and buts and the cheats and tricks
were truly amazing. It was a marvelous insight into what we regularly term
as 'The System'
. ue to obvious concerns I cant comment much on it, but
wanted to do a post called 'The Great Indian Bank trick'.

Mar 5,6: I finally got myself an apartment. The next day I bought so much
stuff that my wallet and all my bank accounts are exhausted. The good thing
about the whole thing was all the decisions were made in a 'Blink'.
Here is the stuff I bought in a span of 24 hours.

  • HPPocketPC h6365
  • LG 44" Projection TV
  • Onkyo 5.1 speaker surround sound system.
  • LG DVD Player
  • LG amplifier
  • Micorwave oven
  • Refrigerator
  • A Kurl on deluxe bed
  • A cot.

Still pending:
  • Two bean bags
  • One recliner
  • A nice DVD collection
  • A girl friend

Mar 7,8: A close friend of mine met with a deadly accident. (A head on collision
in the early hours. He started early because he learned that his grand father
expired. So he started off to his native). His kid and cousins ended up with
bloody heads and he ended up with a broken rib and a trashed car. The whole
day was just that. The kid was a little shocked and never stopped crying. They
gave him anesthesia to get a proper head scan. Later they put him under
observation. (plugs attached to the body and mask to the head). When I went
to visit the kid, the kid was in a playful mood. He started shooting me with the
electrode attached to his index finger. I, ofcourse, chose to fall down instead
of dodging and shooting back.
At the end of the day I got a call that my grandma expired. I started off
immdediately to my native. I am just back this morning. My grandma is
legendary stuff (truly). She is simply larger than life in her region. She died a
peaceful (slightly pitiable) death. Large crowds and adulation were norm to her.
She faced every fathomable obstacle. We family together mourned. It was a
good experience(?). Ideologically we differed. But I always had respect for her.
She always treated me a little special. Used to address me as 'Little Krishna'. In
the train, while coming back, obviously I entertained the train of thoughts
about death and life. I wanted to do posts called 'Celebration of life' and
'The art of giving'.

Sweetie Leela, can you freelance for me from Dubai? I need to get all this stuff
out of my head.