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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Idiots guide to Tinglish

Lately there is so much babada bibada over this thing called Hinglish.
One dude went ahead to say that by so and so year (usually analysts use
a round figure year like 2020), Hinglish will be the largest spoken bhasha
on this planet. I say, how come no one is mentioning Tinglish?

In its own way, Tinglish is slightly different from Hinglish. Hinglish is a
mix of Hindi idioms and words with English words.Like in,
yeh hi hai right choice baby. Well, Tinglish people dont like mixing Telugu
words in English sentences. Rather they Englishify Telugu sentences.

English:We are going for a walk. Would like to join us?
Hinglish:Ham park ko ja raha hai, for a walk. You can come.
Tinglish:Memu walk ki park ki veltunnaamu. Join avutaavaa?

Thats not just there to Tinglish. Here are some Tinglish rules.

Add a,e,i,o,u after every name, thing, animal and place.

For a Tinglish guy, Tinglish is actually Tinglishu. Tinglishu gaallu dont
like ending words abruptly. Sh is like suddenly stopping what we are saying.
shu is more like it. Ask a progammer in Hyderebad
'So young man, what do you know'.
If the answer is Cobolu, javaa, C plus plussu, windowsu, oracleu,
then you know that this guy is Tinglish.

There is another Tinglish thing.

The Question and the answer are the same.

English:Would like to have another beer?
Hinglish:Feel like, aur ek beer?
Tinglish:One more beer aa? (Along with a vigorous Indian head nod) or
One more beer? (With a melodramatic expression).
For all these questions the answer is same as the question.
One more beer?One more beer.

The height of this communication was observed last week atLeela Palace,
Bangalore, where, after a seminar they served cocktails. A Tinglish friend
of mine initmidated by the bartenders English asked,
Cocktail? (Do you have cocktails?)
Cocktail. (One cocktail for me. Whatever it is).

Another Tinlgish rule.

Dont stress. Repeat.

Have you ever seen Tinglish people playing cricket or volleyball?


Typical calls on the roads
Railway station?Railway station?
Sorrysorrysorrysorry a.

Another golden rule of Tinglish is,

Dont translate. Substitute.

Take a Telugu sentence. Substitute everyword in it with English words.
Lunch had aa?(Had your lunch?)Saw the movie aa?Chiranjeevi fan aa?
AC working aa?The height of this substitution was a remark made by our
sales manager.I had a surgery recently and stayed indoors for three weeks.
On the fourth weekI shaved my beard and attended my office.
He saw me and remarked
You have come color.
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