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Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Life

I wish Patrix and Ash a wonderful, joyous and beautiful life.
May peace, love, joy, children and Wi Fi be with you.

Hey, its first of its kind. This marriage. How come the media is not tipped yet?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I miss her - Haikus

Her voluptuous bosom is
unjustly left to imagination only.

I wake up in my soft comforter.
Or is it? I ask myself immediately.

The long road we have planned together
started with a bypass.

I check the phone intuitively.
There are no SMSs to reply.
The phone is feeling neglected.
So is Airtel.

The physical separation.
A chirpy bird stopped chirping
in a winter land.

The comforting breath of hers.
I inhale
is a morning fog now.

A polka dotted orange night gown
in my
What a waste!

She is looking for the rope trick
I am busy setting the stage.
She is afraid the stage gets bigger always.
I am afraid the rope needs the stage.
It’s a Sudoku. You know!

A lonely guy. A lonely recliner.
A lonely bean bag.
Silently sip their coffee looking for her.
Probably she is hiding under the bed.
I am an optimist.