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Friday, January 30, 2004

Matches are made by Alpha

Thanks Alpha. I have finally found my mate.
(Tears of joy)


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Men and their ...

Couple of years back USA Today asked men some questions.
They revealed. More than 80% of them have nicknames for
their dicks. Yeah most of them talked to it atleast once
in their life time.

Nick names? In school we used to call it 'The Little One' or
simply, 'Brother'. Jokes like, "How is your brother doing?"
"Oh! He hasnt slept in two days" used to rule. But I dont
remember anyone having 'specific' nicknames. I never had one.

Talking? Things like, "Easy Junior, easy", or "Its not the time"
or "sleep, sleep, you are getting into deep sleep now" or
"Get up, sucker" or "Hold on, hold on" are pretty common among
men. But talking, I mean, seriously talking to it!! Nah.

I could not help but think about women. If men have names for dicks,
women must be having names for their boobs. What would they name
them like? They must be looking for lots of twin names. "Rosy, Posy",
"Itsy, Bitsy", "Tipsy, Topsy" etc.

If men are talking to their dicks, women must be talking to their
..."little ones". Since women are 'relationship' oriented it must be
something like, "

Little Girl, Little Girl, Laa la la la
There is only one who you will ever want to have in.
Till then, hold on to your nerve and dont commit any sin.

Little Girl, Little Girl, Laa la la la


Monday, January 26, 2004

A shore that can never be reached

I paddle relentlessly.

The shore wants me. I want the shore.
But it never happens.

Sometimes its an unexpected tide.
Sometimes its a strange creature.

The shore wants me so much, it appears
strangely in my path. The moment I see
the shore, I forget about my journey and
turn towards it. Never did I make it. Never
did the shore succeed.

The shore always wanted to embrace me,
but it had its own problems.

I always wanted to reach the shore,
but I had my own problems.

Everytime I try to forget the shore and
set on a new course I end up paddling towards
it, again.

Neither I nor the shore made it so far.

But, the shore still believes in miracles.

So, do I.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


I have been reading this book called 'The Power of Now' lately.
The authors ideas and views about love and relationships are
strikingly similar to that of mine. (Expressed in my post titled 'Delirium').

Too strikingly similar. For a moment I felt a little proud and later I got
maha curious. How can two people think alike (including words and


It was a foggy Indian winter morning. On the other side of the pond there was
a small temple. One of those millions of Hindu Gods in it. Behind the temple
were rows of apartments in strange and gaudy colors. Green, Violet, Red, White,
Orange and they went.

Emerging form the fog, were different kinds of birds. Some flocking towards West
and some to South. The fog was getting a little mistified on the surface of the
water. Occassionally swirling and occassionally forming odd shapes. One could
see the water buffaloes that were already in the water.

Above all, was the round and red sun. The Sun dominated the scene. It shone on
everything. The air was still virgin. Not filled with sound and not filled
with smoke yet.

The half devoured coffee was still hot and just then I heard the door bell ring.
Both Times of India and Eenadu were delivered at my door. Aaah..the Joy of Life.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I like peanuts with my beer. But do I like beer with my peanuts?
Gotta findout.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Me, Myself and Myself

One thing I like about myself is I like myself.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

A Recipe.

35 beaches
Sign boards
Coconut trees
100000 tourists
10000W music
Pour into your glass.
(By the way, this shagadillac juice is called Goa.)

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Sound of the night

2:30 am

I suddenly woke up. I woke up swarmed with issues and problems.
I tried getting back to sleep. No luck. Problems won. I was
reading a book called 'Power of Now' before I went to sleep. So I picked the
book. The book is all about 'Now' aka 'Present moment awareness'.
In 'Now' you dont think about anything but absolutely be 'present'
with all your senses.

3:00 am

I wanted to give it ('Now') a shot to switch off my chirpy brain.
I closed my eyes and started listening to the sound of the night.
It was really peculiar, in a sense that I actaully pay little attention
to 'sound' on a normal night. To accentuate, I switched off the fan.
Listening to the night! Huh! I thought. I heard a continuous wooosh,
automobiles, dogs, tress, wind, crickets, some digital equipment,
something mechanical, someone opening my window, water drops, ...
wait a minute...someone opening my window?

3:15 am

I became very alert. I still closed my eyes fishing for that sound.
I heard it again. I opened my eyes and reharsed the scene of someone
entering my bedroom with a knife in hand, in my mind. I fared death.
Just for the kicks, I closed my eyes again and started listening to
the night.

3:45 am

Some kind of uneasy feeling took over me. Fuck 'Now', I thought.
I switched on the lights, TV and made myself a really big cup of coffee.

4:30 am

Took my byke (Fiero F2) out and headed towards KBR park. (KBR is a
densely vegetated park).

5:10 am

F2 was the only bike in the parking lot. It was dark and cold.
I bought a ticket and entered the park to finish my 3 Km walkathon.

5:20 am

I realised how stupid I was. I was the only soul as far as could see.
My thoughts drifted towards 'Now'. In that darkness and that
eerie stillness I suddenly felt very lonely and vulnerable.

5:30 am

I was listening to everything and looking at everything in some kind
of hyper alert mode. I just got tired and wanted to run. But someone
inside me insisted on wearing a 'brave' mask. I wore.

5:40 am

Have you ever walked listening to every sound in the woods? You would
be dead by the end of it. Just when my mind was almost halucinating I
heard someone calling me from a corner, "Excuse me". I turned around and
found a female. She must be in her mid twenties. She had a small body frame.

5:45 am

She wanted to know the way out. She said she was shit scared. I told her
the way out. She insisted on walking along with me. We walked for about
15 mins together. Females are less inhibitive about personal stuff. She told
me about her dad, her sister etc. She inquired about mine. I told her
very little about myself. After a while I joked to myself that she was just
a ghost.I thought may be "I see dead people". What the fuck was she doing
in the park? I didnt ask though.

6:05 am

We approached the main entrance. It was still considerably dark and cold.
She asked my name. I told mine. She had a cute smile. I didnt even ask hers.
I just said "Nice meeting you". I didnt offer to drop her.

6:25 am

I stopped at a cafe and ordered a chai. I felt a little perplexed about
the whole thing.