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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Men and their ...

Couple of years back USA Today asked men some questions.
They revealed. More than 80% of them have nicknames for
their dicks. Yeah most of them talked to it atleast once
in their life time.

Nick names? In school we used to call it 'The Little One' or
simply, 'Brother'. Jokes like, "How is your brother doing?"
"Oh! He hasnt slept in two days" used to rule. But I dont
remember anyone having 'specific' nicknames. I never had one.

Talking? Things like, "Easy Junior, easy", or "Its not the time"
or "sleep, sleep, you are getting into deep sleep now" or
"Get up, sucker" or "Hold on, hold on" are pretty common among
men. But talking, I mean, seriously talking to it!! Nah.

I could not help but think about women. If men have names for dicks,
women must be having names for their boobs. What would they name
them like? They must be looking for lots of twin names. "Rosy, Posy",
"Itsy, Bitsy", "Tipsy, Topsy" etc.

If men are talking to their dicks, women must be talking to their
..."little ones". Since women are 'relationship' oriented it must be
something like, "

Little Girl, Little Girl, Laa la la la
There is only one who you will ever want to have in.
Till then, hold on to your nerve and dont commit any sin.

Little Girl, Little Girl, Laa la la la


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