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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


It was a foggy Indian winter morning. On the other side of the pond there was
a small temple. One of those millions of Hindu Gods in it. Behind the temple
were rows of apartments in strange and gaudy colors. Green, Violet, Red, White,
Orange and they went.

Emerging form the fog, were different kinds of birds. Some flocking towards West
and some to South. The fog was getting a little mistified on the surface of the
water. Occassionally swirling and occassionally forming odd shapes. One could
see the water buffaloes that were already in the water.

Above all, was the round and red sun. The Sun dominated the scene. It shone on
everything. The air was still virgin. Not filled with sound and not filled
with smoke yet.

The half devoured coffee was still hot and just then I heard the door bell ring.
Both Times of India and Eenadu were delivered at my door. Aaah..the Joy of Life.

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