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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Vipassana strikes back

Recently I had minor throat and nose surgeries (Combo deal) .
I stayed home for more than two weeks and stayed mostly on solids.
It gave me ample time to finish some of my unfinished theories
(Why do we like peanuts and hate spianch? etc).

I could also able to pen down what was left about sharing my
Vipassana experience.

I like to think that some people actually read my posts instead of
directly clicking on the comments. It satisfies my ego.

I am pretending that some people actually read my previous posts
and are looking forward the upcoming 'Art of women' post. So here are
the links to the previous ones. The series begins in a day or two.

Smiley Goes to Vipassana


The Vipassana Chronicles
The Day before the day before

The Day Before
Emotion has no reason, needs no reason and knows no reason

Day 1
Observe it; accept it, as it is.

Day 2
Your mind wanders. Smile

Day 3
A few important little people

Friday, May 20, 2005

Exciting times

Arent we living in one of the most exciting times?

On May 14th Micorsoft revealed its new XBox360 (also simply known as
xbox2) on MTV. Microsoft got everything right with the xbox, pre launch
hype, great product, great games and close to two million online users.
The power Halo was such that the release Halo2 changed the Balance
sheet of mighty Microsoft beyond estimations.

But Xbox failed in Japanese market. (Just 1.7 million units sold). The
design was very American. Japanese consumers unlike Americans are
very conscious about the product design.

So the team of XBox2 did a world wide poll (they have as much money
as they can spend) and independently developed several designs and
came up with an in vogue design.

The reality is, they screwed up big time. Serious gamers and nerds
dont really care about the shell. The hardware specs are good enough
to give an orgasm.

On the other hand, the leader of the pack, monster seller Sony is not
sitting idle. It released redesigned ultra cool PS2 recently which is a
big hit. Sony is following it up with PS3 which is not just a gaming
platform, but a 'media centre'. Sony previously failed big time previously
with its media stick. This time it is trying to get it right. If you know
Sony, they will get it

right. However, PS3 is not scheduled until 2007 end. That gives XBox
a year lead. Which is enough muscle for Microsoft to flex.

If you havent seen the hardware of PS3 yet, here you go..

On a totally other hand, our sweetie Lee's sister Preeti is showing
lots of improvment. She is managing to open her eyes on her own.
Which technically makes 'Out of coma'. Hey Preeti is not in a coma
any more. Thats one good news. On that same totally other hand,
Preeti is able to follow objects. Able to hear and see things on her
own. Moving her eyes on her own. Thats even better.

I joked with Leela, all she needs now is a screening of KillBill Vol. 1.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just In

Got this awesome XBox game called Mech Assault 2.
Yes Sire, if you ask me, I am kicking ass.

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Story of Moby Dick
Sweet Dreams are made of these

A few long moments before the sunrise, Moby got his early morning erection
and woke up. Astonishingly the whole field was erect too. Then he saw the
daughter coming out of the house and fucking a cock.

That was the horniest and kinkiest stuff he ever saw. Then he saw the cock
turning into a huge watermelon.

Moby dick understood what was happening. He watched the daughter for
two weeks. On the last day of the second week he couldnt hold it anymore.
That night he dug himself into the field, covered himself with the mud, with
just his cock outside. During the morning, he promptly got his erection.
The daughter came and fucked him crazy. Both of them ended up in waves
of orgasm. To the daughters surprise, that dick didnt turn into a water melon.
It just went limp.

So she fucked again. She ended up in waves of orgasm. Moby ended up in
waves of orgasm.

To the daughters surprise, that dick didnt turn into a water melon. With
the first rays of sun other cocks went limp. But not this one.

Daughter promptly reported this incident to the farmer.

For which the farmer said, Ok then, cut that cock.

So she cut it.

The end.

After delivering the baby, The one returnerd so fat that the Kind got her
thrown into the river. The king one day came to know about the farmers
beautiful daughter and married her. He made her his queen soon.
Moby dick, after his cock was cut, some how managed to survive.
People called him later, just Moby.
He bragged for the rest of his life that The Queen fucked him once, thrice.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Story of Moby Dick
Everybody is looking for something

Farmer cried.

Saint smiled and gave some water from his kamandalam to the farmer and
said, Here son, sprinkle this sacred water on your field. Your problems will be solved.

Farmer did so. With in one moon month the farm bloomed.
Not with corns but cocks.

Horny daughter

She had her full grown boobs at the age of twelve. Ever since one thing she
wanted to have was sex. But her father was too poor for her to properly dress
and attend school. She stayed home all year and helped her father.

She desperately wanted her father to make money. With that money, she
thought, either he would marry her to a man, or she would buy some fine
slaves, with who she could have unlimited sex.

But the crop failed that year too. But then, her father sprinkled some magic
water on the crop. And then, it bloomed into a field of cocks.

From her window she had a full view of the field. She noticed that cocks stood
erect early in the morning before the first ray of sun fell on them.

For two weeks she got wet looking at that view. On the first day of the
third week, she couldnt resist anymore and fucked a cock.

She ended up in waves of orgasm and then the cock suddenly turned into a
huge watermelon. That was the biggest watermelon she had ever seen. She
tasted it little and it tasted fantastic.

She dutifully reported the whole incident to her father. Her father gifted that
watermelon to the king. The king rewarded him handsomely.

Moby Dick

Moby always wanted to have sex with Horny. But she quit school when she
was ten. She had the biggest boobs in the whole school then. Moby knew she
was the daughter of the poor farmer. Moby always looked for her while
passing their farm to his school. Every year horny grew into luscious desire.

Just like every year, he observed that the poor farmers farm didnt show any
signs of healthy corns. But then, he saw the farmer sprinkling some water in
the field. With in one moon month, he saw the farm blooming into strange
looking fruits, which he embarrassingly admitted to himself looked like his
own cock multiplied.

Moby also observed little changes appearing in the farmers house. Every
afternoon the farmer was taking a huge water melon to the king and coming
with loads of food and articles purchased in the big bazaar to the home.
With in weeks, the farmers house filled with food. Farmers family started
wearing new clothes and his wife even purchased some new jewellery.

Moby got curious and stayed at the field that night.

Hmm..I know how this story is going to end. I can tell. Can I? Can I?
Dude, comeon, I cant wait to whats going happen in the field tonight.
I still have suspicion this is linked to 'The One'.

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The Story of Moby Dick
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