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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Vipassana strikes back

Recently I had minor throat and nose surgeries (Combo deal) .
I stayed home for more than two weeks and stayed mostly on solids.
It gave me ample time to finish some of my unfinished theories
(Why do we like peanuts and hate spianch? etc).

I could also able to pen down what was left about sharing my
Vipassana experience.

I like to think that some people actually read my posts instead of
directly clicking on the comments. It satisfies my ego.

I am pretending that some people actually read my previous posts
and are looking forward the upcoming 'Art of women' post. So here are
the links to the previous ones. The series begins in a day or two.

Smiley Goes to Vipassana


The Vipassana Chronicles
The Day before the day before

The Day Before
Emotion has no reason, needs no reason and knows no reason

Day 1
Observe it; accept it, as it is.

Day 2
Your mind wanders. Smile

Day 3
A few important little people

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