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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Story of Moby Dick
Everybody is looking for something

Farmer cried.

Saint smiled and gave some water from his kamandalam to the farmer and
said, Here son, sprinkle this sacred water on your field. Your problems will be solved.

Farmer did so. With in one moon month the farm bloomed.
Not with corns but cocks.

Horny daughter

She had her full grown boobs at the age of twelve. Ever since one thing she
wanted to have was sex. But her father was too poor for her to properly dress
and attend school. She stayed home all year and helped her father.

She desperately wanted her father to make money. With that money, she
thought, either he would marry her to a man, or she would buy some fine
slaves, with who she could have unlimited sex.

But the crop failed that year too. But then, her father sprinkled some magic
water on the crop. And then, it bloomed into a field of cocks.

From her window she had a full view of the field. She noticed that cocks stood
erect early in the morning before the first ray of sun fell on them.

For two weeks she got wet looking at that view. On the first day of the
third week, she couldnt resist anymore and fucked a cock.

She ended up in waves of orgasm and then the cock suddenly turned into a
huge watermelon. That was the biggest watermelon she had ever seen. She
tasted it little and it tasted fantastic.

She dutifully reported the whole incident to her father. Her father gifted that
watermelon to the king. The king rewarded him handsomely.

Moby Dick

Moby always wanted to have sex with Horny. But she quit school when she
was ten. She had the biggest boobs in the whole school then. Moby knew she
was the daughter of the poor farmer. Moby always looked for her while
passing their farm to his school. Every year horny grew into luscious desire.

Just like every year, he observed that the poor farmers farm didnt show any
signs of healthy corns. But then, he saw the farmer sprinkling some water in
the field. With in one moon month, he saw the farm blooming into strange
looking fruits, which he embarrassingly admitted to himself looked like his
own cock multiplied.

Moby also observed little changes appearing in the farmers house. Every
afternoon the farmer was taking a huge water melon to the king and coming
with loads of food and articles purchased in the big bazaar to the home.
With in weeks, the farmers house filled with food. Farmers family started
wearing new clothes and his wife even purchased some new jewellery.

Moby got curious and stayed at the field that night.

Hmm..I know how this story is going to end. I can tell. Can I? Can I?
Dude, comeon, I cant wait to whats going happen in the field tonight.
I still have suspicion this is linked to 'The One'.

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The Story of Moby Dick
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