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Friday, May 20, 2005

Exciting times

Arent we living in one of the most exciting times?

On May 14th Micorsoft revealed its new XBox360 (also simply known as
xbox2) on MTV. Microsoft got everything right with the xbox, pre launch
hype, great product, great games and close to two million online users.
The power Halo was such that the release Halo2 changed the Balance
sheet of mighty Microsoft beyond estimations.

But Xbox failed in Japanese market. (Just 1.7 million units sold). The
design was very American. Japanese consumers unlike Americans are
very conscious about the product design.

So the team of XBox2 did a world wide poll (they have as much money
as they can spend) and independently developed several designs and
came up with an in vogue design.

The reality is, they screwed up big time. Serious gamers and nerds
dont really care about the shell. The hardware specs are good enough
to give an orgasm.

On the other hand, the leader of the pack, monster seller Sony is not
sitting idle. It released redesigned ultra cool PS2 recently which is a
big hit. Sony is following it up with PS3 which is not just a gaming
platform, but a 'media centre'. Sony previously failed big time previously
with its media stick. This time it is trying to get it right. If you know
Sony, they will get it

right. However, PS3 is not scheduled until 2007 end. That gives XBox
a year lead. Which is enough muscle for Microsoft to flex.

If you havent seen the hardware of PS3 yet, here you go..

On a totally other hand, our sweetie Lee's sister Preeti is showing
lots of improvment. She is managing to open her eyes on her own.
Which technically makes 'Out of coma'. Hey Preeti is not in a coma
any more. Thats one good news. On that same totally other hand,
Preeti is able to follow objects. Able to hear and see things on her
own. Moving her eyes on her own. Thats even better.

I joked with Leela, all she needs now is a screening of KillBill Vol. 1.

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