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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Story told and appreciated

Well, this storyteller story now has an unexpected ending.

I told that story because I was in a mood to tell a story and this time for a change hired an assistant to write whatever I blah blahed.

So this assistant jotted down whatever I told him to.

In about a week or so, we actually ended up with a story.

(I should also appreciate my wife for showing me that French movie which inspired me to tell the story).

I got this crazy idea and actually registered myself as an official storyteller. (There actually is an association for people like me). I got my story registered later.

In a freak development I came across another freak who showed interest in developing movie song tracks for my story. So we sat together and developed couple of songs. (All this during my office time).

I got another idea. If I were to make a movie out of this story where would I shoot? I asked couple of my friends and employees to go to those locations and take some pictures. They came back with 700 pictures.

Then I assembled this stuff using Flash and with a V.O narration of the story.

Somehow word got leaked and a big (I MEAN BIG) production called me. I went there and told my story. (I was just thrilled to meet them. I was not even thinking about them liking the story).

They liked it.

They called me again. I told the story. They liked it.

They called me again. (Give a span of three weeks). I told the story. They liked it.

So, here I am directing that movie. Shoot may start in about a month or so. If it does I will keep posting here, well, if it doesnt, I will delete this post. :-) Ha, ha, thats a joke.

But the movie thing is not.

So much for telling a story.