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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sex and the pill

Last month just flew by.

I had too many mangoes, too much sex (by my standards) and did too little work. I couldnt have asked for a better pill.

To avoid the pill, I mean.

Last time I visited my family doctor he said, "Hmmm.. you dont look composed ... you are stressed out".

"Thanks doc. I know that. But I am here for something else. This fucking fever and this Sri Lanka lookalike spot on my stomach"

"Arrey, thats what I am talking about. Both your fever and Lanka are side effects of being stressed out". "Are you married?"

"I am single"

"You should get married. Well, that can be another source of stress for many people. Ha ha ha"

Doc gave me stress pills and another pill I am not sure about what is for.

Those stress pills are making me very sleepy.

Both the doc and I know that prevention is better than curing. So I delegated some of my work to my deputies at the expense of the launch of Foo getting delayed. But I thought I will give in, in a week. Surprisingly I didnt. (And I am back blogging during my work hours)

I concentrated 'more' on having those dinners, spending time with the girl, movies, quickies, mangoes, afternoon naps and much 'more' on not having those deadlines, financial constraints and responsibilities in my mind. Heck I have even started partying.

I dont think I have done it by design. I think it just happened by chance or it just happened because of the pills made me forget about my work load. Or may be spending time with the girl was worth more than anything else.

I am so stress free now that it is beginning to bother me.

I am visiting the doc tomorrow. I wonder if there is any stress inducing pill.