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Monday, December 06, 2004


After I came out to the normal world I got back to my routine with out a hitch.
But on that weekend, on sunday morning I started typing and didnt stop till
that evening.

LL asked me @ HBM, So are you posting on Vipassana?
I said, I am. A long one.

So, is this one of your 'never finished' theories like Unified Blog Theory?
He asked.

Lot of people so far asked me, What is this Vipassana? Why did you do
this Vipassana?

I am not sure if I can pin point to one single reason or if I can pin point to
'reason' at all for Why I Took Vipassana. I am not sure if I can tell anyone
what I got out of Vipassana or what is Vipassana.

Vipassana is not just theory, but your own experience added to what you can
call is a 'frame work'.

I typed whatever that came to my mind that afternoon, in no particular order
or pattern.

I didnt try to make it funny or more readable. I didnt correct my spellings
or grammer. But I feel obliged to share my thoughtSnapShots and experiences.

Your feedback is appreciated.

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