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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I miss her - Haikus

Her voluptuous bosom is
unjustly left to imagination only.

I wake up in my soft comforter.
Or is it? I ask myself immediately.

The long road we have planned together
started with a bypass.

I check the phone intuitively.
There are no SMSs to reply.
The phone is feeling neglected.
So is Airtel.

The physical separation.
A chirpy bird stopped chirping
in a winter land.

The comforting breath of hers.
I inhale
is a morning fog now.

A polka dotted orange night gown
in my
What a waste!

She is looking for the rope trick
I am busy setting the stage.
She is afraid the stage gets bigger always.
I am afraid the rope needs the stage.
It’s a Sudoku. You know!

A lonely guy. A lonely recliner.
A lonely bean bag.
Silently sip their coffee looking for her.
Probably she is hiding under the bed.
I am an optimist.


twilight fairy said...

you are in love :).. as always :P

:-) said...

yeah. *hug* and its a good feeling (as always)

:..M..: said...

Good lord! This is the first time you sound wistful on your blog. What's happening to you Smiley??!!

:-) said...

Yummy! :-))))

Two Penny said...

OK, so this explains your prolonged blog absence. You have been waging a war on short verse.

I knew it couldn't have been work ;)

:-) said...

...and still am not there.

How you been? :-)))

Two Penny said...

Not bad at all :)
Actually I was expecting a wicked wind to take me to Hyderabad. But the wind changed direction before I could realize my friends-n-family discount at the FuBar.
Some other time maybe ;)

How have you been?

Adi said...

So you finally got some time off from hanging around with the blondes and the tollywood super-ishtars (yeah yeah, i saw the opening night pics)

hows it goin dude? Tell be all about the F

:-) said...

Penny: You are welcome any time dude. Forget discounts. For you, its free. Free man. Free. Did you get that?

Adi: Yeah I am so tired. By back is still hurting. *whisper whisper* ... yeah lets talk F :-)