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Thursday, September 30, 2004

My mom

My mom and my cell phone

Its all because of your cell phone. She said. It heats up your brain.
I have seen it in discovery channel. They send signals and waves into your brain.
And you have a faulty one.

Faulty one?

Yeah, you have been trying to repair it all the time with that stick.

Uh? Oh…that’s called a stylus and my cell is a touch screen. It aint faulty.

My mom and my Xbox

This movie sucks. No story, no emotions. She said.


Yeah, the bank robbery one that you are watching. And why are you
rewinding it so many times?

Uh? Oh…that’s a video game I am playing. Its not a movie.

My mom and food

Son, shall I serve the lunch. She asked for the tenth time.

Mom, I just finished my breakfast and had two apples meanwhile.

Tea or coffee? I bought these biscuits for you yesterday. They are so tasty.

Mom, I just had my lunch.

Here, I seeded this pomegranate just for you and I am frying your
favourite papads for dinner.

Dinner? Isnt it five in the evening?

My mom and sky


Mom, I told you to use my name. Not that Bujji stuff.

Look at the sky. Its so colorful.

I crawled out of my bed and into the balcony.

The sky was colorful.

I like watching sky filled with clouds in the evenings. Its Gods creation.
We are blessed. She said.

Look at the birds mom. They are going home.

Isn’t life beautiful?

Yeah mom, yeah.

She watched the clouds and I watched the birds until the sun set.
After a while, darkness consumed everything.


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