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Monday, June 13, 2005

Just In

48 laws of Power
Why men dont listen and women cant read maps

Two seemingly odd books to read on a single day. Both, thought provoking.

Why men dont listen...confirmed some of my worst fears about feminism and
womens lib. It also confirmed some of my little own theories about
men and women in general.

All in all, it was a good Sunday.

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Vinayak said...


Your notes and womens lib, sparked a few thoughts

I'm of the view that women's lib has NOT MADE ANY major contributions OUR LIVES TODAY, other than women having a great advantage over men in terms of family laws :-(

All over the world women are in a win win situation while men loose. If normal life within marriage favours the wife, so do divorce, child custody and alimony payments

All around the world, women have a better chance of getting child support + child support payments and men are loosers

A little off tangent : Situation in India

Do you know that many innocent young upcoming INDIAN professionals, their elderly parents & sisters have been arrested as WIFE FRIENDLY laws are MISUSED by some WIFES and un scrupulous lawyers - IN INDIA.

A good criminal justice system works on the principle that EVEN A SINGLE INNOCENT man / women should not be punished.

one is "..innocent unless proven guilty..".

However Sec. 498A of Indian Penal code (which deals with CRUELTY TO A MARRIED WOMAN) is directly against this principle and FORCES the accused to prove innocence. i.e. the accused is guilty until he proves himself innocent.

Anything from a simple verbal duel to a serious difference of opinion could be DEFINED AS CRUELTY lead to registering false complains

India has also passed a domestic Violence bill which makes marriage an un worthy proposition to men

The law that WAS SUPPOSEDLY meant to protect weak and establish justice has become a weapon in the hands of few un scrupulous wifes. Elderly mothers& sisters have been arrested. Unable to bear this some have died.

Many courts are aware of the misuse of law. Recently Chennai High Court (from a state in India - one of the Info Tech starts) has restrained police from arresting people on Dowry related charges under sec. 498A


HC restrains police on dowry complaints :

Chennai, Sept 28: The Madras High Court today restrained the city police from receiving complaints, investigating or filing charge sheets under the Dowry Protection Act 1961.


So please be aware + take necessary precautions

If you are an Indian and a victim yourself, please use one of the forums listed below to write to us