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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hello..mike testing..1,2,3.

Thanks to the broadband connection at home and lots of free time.
I am suddenly brimming with stuff to say. If I ever get enough
free time this is what I would like to talk (type) about

1) Green Apples

An illustrated story starring Smiley, Leela, Shreddy the Shredder, Coo and


3) Where have all the chicks gone wrong?

4) The art of giving

5) Strategy and Vision

6) I am wrong. Whats wrong with that?


Prerona said...

very interesting. when do we get the actual posts? :)

funny i read the heading mike testing just when i was trying out my brand new mike :D

:-) said...


I dont know sweetie. Could be anytime from now and forever.

Earth Monkey said...

Prerona... this is a cheap marketing gimmick. Smiles just wants to get Leela's attention. Some men stop at nothing.
Smiley, Leela is mine. Stay away from her... grrrrrrrrrr.

Earth Monkey said...

'mike testing'?
who's mike????

:-) said...

Monkey: If you think she is yours with the chocolates you sent her, hmm..think again man. :-)

You will know know about the mike. Pretty soon. :-)

Earth Monkey said...

Smiles, if you think chocolates dont work, damn you missed a trick or two ;)
And BTW I think Mike is after Leela too... :p :)))))))))

GratisGab said...

Oh king-of-gimmicks...enough of the testing already...give us the story. Somehow, I can't see an ending with Smiley and Leela riding off into the sunset, so what happens? And is Shreddy the hero and Smiley the sidekick...did I guess correct? Did I? I did! I did!