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Friday, January 30, 2009

Untold Story of a Storyteller - I

Or, this is a story of an untold story of a storyteller.

Well, there is no end to it. We can play with words and be amused for a while.

A long time ago, I read a strange book titled 'Songlines' (According to the author (Bruce Chatwin), this world is a song). The book was about Aborigines remembering the landscape as a 'song'. Songs were their assets. Songs were their currency. Songs were their inheritance.

It sounded strange to me. Took sometime to digest for me.

But in the end, it made sense to me. "You walk ten miles to the north, cross the stream and turn east, at the big rock turn west, two miles down you will find bushes and lazy Kangaroos. While coming back dont stay at the big rock for the night, it is watched by Orories, they will kill you by the morning". Now, thats precious information. Losing it or misunderstanding it can be the difference between life and death. Better remember it well. Whats a better way to remember than in a song? For them, this world is a song.

I kind of agree with those aboriginal dudes. With a dent.

I think this world is a story.

I think, Philosophy, Art, Religion and Science are all stories that we have told to ourselves.

I think we humans are hardwired to comprehend. We comprehend ourselves, our surroundings, our behaviours, our emotions, our habits, our environments, our fellow beings, our universe in the form of stories.

Sometimes we call these stories 'laws'. Sometimes we call these stories 'Truth'.

E = MC ^2 is a story that Einstein told us.

Nirvana is a story that Buddha told us.

Monalisa is a story that Leonardo told us.

"Everything is a story", itself is a story, that I am telling myself and I will tell many others.

There is something very primordial about this storytelling. 
Looks like we never get tired of it.

There is little guy/girl called a storyteller in all of us. be continued


Two Penny said...

semantic schymantic...

Dude, I'm bored. Why don't you write a story.

"...dont stay at the big rock for the night, it is watched by Orories, they will kill you by the morning"

That's a good place to start a story. Damn those Orories, they are giving me the creeps already. Where did you get that name by the way? Was it a captcha you ran into? My captcha for this comment is "swigi" :)

:-) said...

Just like I made up this post I made that name orories. Now I can see there is a huge potential for lots of drama and human emotion given the set up of 'A Big Rock, Night watcher Orories, Lazy Kangaroos, A lonely guy with a hook attached to his dick'.

LOL.. I had to look up for web to know what a CAPTCHA is....