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Friday, November 14, 2003


Light from a distant fluorescent lamp filled the room through the
curtain less glass windows. At that past midnight hour, it gave a
surreal look to the room. It was humid and hot. Ceiling fan was literally
slicing the air. Two very ugly mosquitoes with an eternal buzz were
pestering me. There was no pillow. There was no bed. I was sleeping
(rather, trying to) on a bedding with a very large bed sheet. There
was no water to drink and I was thirsty. There were half a dozen other
people sleeping in the room. Couple of them snoring. The air smelled
like a blend of tobacco and mosquito repellent. I had like 10 inches
gap from the next person. On my right side was the wall.

She hesitantly emerged from a room on our left. She came and stood near
our heads looking around. She quickly slipped between myself and
the 'next person'. The 'next person' had a pillow. His head occupied only half
of it. She rested her head on the remaining half. I had my blanket to offer.
I just threw the blanket over her body obligingly. (All good things must
be shared).

Her right part of the body from neck to toe came in contact with my left
part of the body, from chest to toe. She quickly fell into a deep sleep.
I was in awe of her 'as-a-matter-of-fact' attitude. If I had any hopes of
catching a little sleep, they were all vanished. Sharing a blanket with a
beautiful female wasnt something I did before. I was staring at the ceiling
with my mind going through zillions of permutations and combinations. Seconds
passed one after the other. I remained still like a log for I dont how long.
She adjusted herself in her sleep inside the blanket moving towards a side
and towards me. Seconds later when I have realized that the soft and warm mass
that my left hand got in contact was her bosom, my heart jumped into my throat.

The pillow guy adjusted himself doing a full 90 degrees rotation and
almost displacing her. She in her sleep lifted her head up unconsciously
searching for a pillow. I had instinctively offered my full arm. She
rested her head on my bicep and placed her hand on my chest and buried her
face into my chest. My heart started pumping double the amount. I could
hear it. I was afraid. Cursing my audacity of offering a hand.

Her breath directly hit my chest. Hesitantly I placed the rest of the
arm on her shoulder. Mosquitoes stopped buzzing and probably were
watching me. After again I dont know how long I dared to open my eyes and took
a look at her face. Her eyelids were endorsed with an unusually thick
Kajal lines. They made a clear distinction on her fair skin. Her nose
was adorned with a small ring. She had a black pearl necklace and probably
a gold chain that got intervened. The contour of her cheek was feminine
and looked soft like a smudged pastel stroke. I have always had a
fascination for feminine beauty. Her 'Kajal'ed and closed eyelids brought
a certain stillness to her presence. Like a frozen frame in a moving
surrounding. Her face was pleasant and content. Darkness loomed below
her neck. I could sense the rise and fall of her chest. I wanted to take
a look. I lifted the blanked a little bit and moved it below millimeter
by millimeter. Exposing her bust to the light. She was beautifully shaped.
The black strap of her bra was slightly showing through her t-shirt. Her
t-shirt almost clung to her chest. I stared at them for a very long time
in a state of trance with great fascination.

I thought I could spend eons looking at her chest rising and falling.
Just then I had this strange feeling that someone was watching me.
I slowly retraced my eyes. When my eyes met her face, they met two perfectly
beautiful and completely open eyes with no trace of sleep, solidly staring
into my face. My heart stopped.

I looked into her eyes for maybe half a second and closed my eyes. A little
later, I felt her hand gripping on my chest. She put her other hand around
my waist. Pulled herself towards me. She crossed one of her legs diagonally
on my legs just below my waist. I gripped my hand on her shoulder pulling
her towards me. We clung together. It took another couple of minutes for me
digest what had happened. My brain started another set of zillions of permutations
and possibilities. Proud of my new possession I looked around the room.

Light from a distant fluorescent lamp filled the room through the
curtain less glass windows. At that past midnight hour, it looked
like moonlight inside the room. Two very beautiful mosquitoes were
singing beautiful tunes for us. The sky blue blanket was 100% cotton
and very soft. She smelled great. I had a smile on my face and I was
looking forward to every second of that night.

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