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Friday, November 07, 2003

My first kiss

She was a tall white blonde. We met in a bar.
"Can I join you?"
Conversation drifted from my salary, car, India, her problems, her ex-boyfriend,
her 9 months baby, her bitchy mom and her idiot new boy friend (mom's).

She had really long and thick hair for an American.

Most of the time I just stared nto her bottomless blue eyes, her expressive face
and her ever moving lips. (Men never listen).

After a while, her face suddenly became more expressive and she bent to really
close to me talking animatedly. Her hair fell into my mug and on my hand.
Her warm mouth near ear. She was telling something about her mom. I was wondering
if my ear was clean and what I should do with the beer mug thats filled with her
hair. (Men never listen).

She looked at the mug and said sorry. Took her hair out. Between a throaty laugh
ordered another mug for me. "Its on me" she said. She smelled her hair. "Smell it".
"Thats OK". She playfully put her head towards me. I smelled. She smelled extremely
nice. I said so.

I agreed to drop her. She liked my Mustang GT with all tan leather interior. I showed
off the awesome power of my GT. (Dear brother, I miss you).

"Come in. I will show you my baby's pics". Saw the pics. Babies are all same. Cute
and cuddly. But I said "wow". She gave me a beer and some ice cream from her
refrig. (huh?). When I said "bye", she said "OK, give me a hug". I am 5'10".
She must be 6. I hesitantly gave her a hug. She kissed me on my cheek. I must have
looked like an idiot. "Ever kissed a girl before?". I wanted to bury myself. Becasue I
didnt. "No".

She put her palms on my cheeks and kissed me full on my lips. I closed my eyes. (Hey
I am supposed to be the man here). "Ever French kissed?". "No".
This time her toungue was in. I just went with the flow. "Arent bad". This time my
toungue probed deeper. I was little awkward with my hands. Becuase didnt know where
to put them. We kissed for around 10 minutes. She finally moaned and said "Good bye"
kissing me on my forehead. She hugged me for a long time.

I never met her again. I wonder why I never asked her name.

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