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Friday, August 13, 2004

Aug 13, 2004

Dear Diary,

Tuyu tuyu tuyutoom tuyutoom
Tuyu tuyu tuyutoom tuyutoom
Tuyu tuyu tuyutoom tuyutoom
Please open the door.

Thats the new calling bell my dad installed at home. Its driving
my mom crazy. My dads logic: I needed a ring tonethat specifically
tells me to open thedoor. All these calling bells and cell phone rings
are confusing me.

I am going to Mumbai (again). Lee told me thather dog is having a
severe headache and she cant meet me. I hope her dog gets well soon.

Yesterday I asked my driver to get me some pasturized milk and
corn flakes. He brought me nestle milk powder and complan. Then I
asked him to mix four spoons of milk powder in a cup of hot water and
add one spoon of complan. He added four spoons of complan and one
spoon of milk powder.

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