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Monday, August 30, 2004


I eat anything. I was my moms favourite son in that aspect.

I dont like being interrupted while I am reading, watching a movie,
thinking or talking.

I think I have the most beautiful feet in the world.

I am a very patient listener. I totally empathize or totally pretend.
Either way,I listen.

I am not curious about other people's lives. I dont ask many questions.
If I do that, then thats certainly an exception.

I like myself a lot.

I tend to avoid arguments. Many times I dont consider the other guy worthy
enough or the outcome worthy enough.

I use an extremely soft cotton pillow. I sleep on my back, hands on my chest.
I dont snore and I keep myself away from people who snore.

I have lots of clothes. But you will see me wearing only those two T-Shirts.

I dont comb my hair.

I am extremely comfortable in discussing any part of my life. People who are
around me often reveal their inner most secrets to me at their own peril.

I tend to be very stiff in the beginning. It takes years for me to establish an
informal relationship.

I did not hurt anyone physically, so far.

I guide, inspire, motivate dozens of people around me. The control and influence
I exert sometimes scares me.

I dont lose friends. They are usually for life.

I can forgive ANY mistake.

Contrary to the popular belief, I dont spend much time on girls or on finding girls.
The opposite is true. I spend a lot of time avoiding noise in my life.

Smiley is not me. He is a character that evolved. (Which is another living proof of
the Unified Blog Theory).

I tend to be too grand and abstract with my ideas. I am a poor executioner. My
vision tends to be brilliant and complete. Implementation tends to be
incomplete and inconsistent.

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