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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just read

Losing my Virginity *****

Pure thrill.

Naked at work ***

Fun read.
Some interesting and largely forgettable stuff.
A perfect travel read.


Twilight Fairy said...

so when are writing your own book? Am sure it would be titled:


(here, embed BBBB = big blowup of buxom babe)

on my mind always'

:) :D

:-) said...

I already titled my book.

A moon light dinner
with a

(insert a BBBB)


garfy said...

They are SOOOO your kinda books... hmpf!

PS: Can I have them once you are through?

:-) said...

Garfy: Sure,as long as you are paying for the courier :-)

garfy said...

:O Thats it...


:-) said...

Garfy: I would like to remind you that I live in India. :-) To add, in that case, I have lot more books I can courier. :-)

garfy said...

Smiley ... so do I! Although north India!

MORE books? Oh gee!

:-) said...

Hmmm...on a second thought...why dont you come down to my apartment (where I have all my books stacked and stored) and stay there for a month. :-) Saves money and time.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Nice blog, sir, but what's with the leftist marginalisation?


:-) said...

Thank you sir. Actually I dont have a clue about what exactly is 'leftist marginalisation'. :-) If I get to know what it is then I will try to justify and defend it. :-)

Too Painy said...

Dude sarkar smiling one. Your blog, when opened in Firefox, shows everything squeezed into the left half of the page. Right half is blank. I think thats what JAP means by 'leftist marginalisation' :)

Love, peace and uhhh sex maybe. And ummm BEER... :)

:-) said...

ROTFLMAO....ok thats one hell of an ab.

Yeah, lots of love peace and sex (needed). Beer...I have a six pack .