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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sin City

My favorite hang out zone used to be the Foreign Films section at
'Blockbuster'. I watched many memorable and off beat films from that
section. Ironically, it was from this section I first saw all of Ray's films.

Through the staff, I came to know about a movie titled El Mariachi. It was
a movie made by a maverick Mexican dude. I just loved that movie. Long
before I watched El Mariachi, I watched a movie named 'Desperado' in India.

At that time I thought that was a B Grade film. But strangely that movie
just stayed in my mind. Later I came to know that its the same director
who made Desperado.

Desperado is just a more stylish and much richer extension of Mariachi.
I lost count of how many times I watched Desperado later.

Rodriguez, is the name of the director. He went to make more movies later.
Not my genre. So never really followed him. An article in around
four months back caught my imagination again. Rodriguez paired with one of
my all time favs Quentin Tarantino to make a movie titled Sin City.

Not just that. This maverick film maker just in the good old spirit, cut
himself off from the mainstream Hollywood to start his own studio
'Trouble Maker Studio'.

Production photos and storyboard sketches of Sin City looked simply

So, it was only natural that I was all pumped up and excited when I got
my hands on the DVD yesterday night. I loved the film. It has a sad ending.
But I guess thats Frank Miller's style. I dont know much about that comic book.

There are some cut shots and angles in the film that are pure genius. Like in
any other Quentin movies, the cast is just amazing.


Leela said...

Whoa! I had to check twice to see if I had come to Smiley's blog. Neat post. Didn't know you were into Mariachi. Keep it coming.

(Please, now don't disappoint by bringing on your bawdy humour :))

:-) said...

If not that stuff between the brackets, it would have been a bawdy humour reply.

Now, sweet girl, why dont you come down to my city?We can sin at my place. Err..I mean, why dont you come to my place? We can watch sincity? (Now, wasnt that tempting?)

x:-) said...

I am not smiley and I am not trying to increase my comment score by 50%.

GratisGab said...

The movie drove me crazy. And what's with all the women shooting oh-so-sexily? And almost anybody who is anybody is there, doing "his kinda kill"!

Dunno...I would expect more from Quentin..

:-) said...

Gratis: Thats a possibility. I wathced purely from movie maker's perspective.

Its a movie made by a mexican cow boy based on an underground comic book theme. what else? apart from women shooting oh-so-sexily?

I loved the chemistry between the girl and bruce.

jon said...

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I just stumbled onto your blog while looking. Seems to happen to me a lot since I am a knowledge mooch LOL


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You should check out "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", the most recent "El Mariachi" movie.

Definitely check out the extras on the DVD... especially the "Ten-Minute Cooking School".

(Unfortunately, I haven't seen the first two El Mariachi movies, or Sin City.)