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Thursday, September 01, 2005

In listening

I need money. My nephew called me two days back.
He is just into college.
Ok, but how do I handover the money to you? I asked.
(He lives in Vizag and I live in Hyderabad)
I dont know. He replied.

Ok, do one thing, check to see if any of your friends are having accounts
in computerized banks like HDFC, ICICI. I will deposit cash in their accounts
from here and you can withdraw it using their ATM card from there.

He called me a little later. Yes, one of this friends is having an account with
Indus Ind bank. Yes, it is computerized.

Ok, Good. Give me the account number. I asked.
Its 1634-C1709..
Wait!Wait! Is this C as in Cat?

Nephew paused for a moment and confirmed

No, its just an ordinary C.


Ph said...

Your nephew is a keeper.

:-) said...

Hey Ph mama. How you been? :-)))

Actually, my nephew is a bowler.

Ph said...

LOL! Got to love a Maama like that!

:-) said...

We all love you mama. Just read your Delhi one liners post. Nice one. (I should have left this comment on YOUR blog).

Hey, that was quick. Do you have a reply-to-my-comment-o-notifier?

Earth Monkey said...

I need money too :)))))))))
And guess what, I'm open for adoption ;)

Reminds me of my early quizzing days. We called ourselves Vitamin C++. Yes I was a geek back then too :o)

:-) said...

Monkey: Lots of end brackets )))))))), a mention of C++ and early quizzing days, geeky link to a geeky (un) web site..hmmm...let me guess..Oh!!!!! the millionth one is from Earth, then.

Mahati said...

Naaku dabbullu......acharledu!! For once! Or that's coz I cleaned my dad out for now!

:-) said...

Poor dad. :-)))))))))) Why didnt he end up with a normal daughter like everyone else?

Earth Monkey said...

Huh. Smiles, get married. Forget about your all-in-one Sreenu. He is no good for most purposes. Or is he? :o)

Codename Earth Monkey is in no way related to the late alien supersimian Millionth (may his soul rest in warm pussy) :))

alpha said...

haha...uncle smiley..please send money to my account too. al this US return showing off doesn't work in India. It's been what...10 years now? give it up. C as in Chutney.

:-) said...

Monkey: Get married? But to who? Allinone Srinu and I are below poverty line. But not all poor people are cannibals. Are they? :-))))))

alpha: Arent you like the zwa engineer of chicago? You can buy a company just with your looks. Ok, ok, C as in Curry, C as in Chutney, C as in Chinni. I got it. I got it.

Twilight Fairy said...

smiley, with so much advancement, have you forgotten things like money orders? :)

Leela said...

Hmm... you need to take this cousin under your wing and give him the 'Smiley' training!

:-) said...

Fairy: Yeah true :)))))))) Got used to ATMs so much. Btw, when is the full moon night in Finland?

Leela: He is already my responsibility. :))))

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