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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Parking Links

George Musser comes up with an action plan for 21st Century.

If you havent already seen or heard about FSM , here is a great place to start.

Humour Haiku

aves all raked
the winds skips over
to the neighbour's yard


Then there is this fella, the size of a thimble. He’s so thin that if he were
the apple, he’d never fall off that tree and Newton would have never
discovered gravity.
-Alpha 2

There was a study in Britain. Not another one, you might be tempted to
add but to let you on a secret, such studies make for excellent blogging
material as you might have noticed.

He is speaking in another language
making another plan,
with another woman.
And all the while I am thinking:
I love the sound of his foreign words.


Earth Monkey said...

So we have one more who wakes up to the truth about FSM. Landed there from uncyclopedia? :) Good good. How about the cult of the invisible pink unicorn eh? She's good too... :)

And hey, the name Alpha-2 is kinda oxymoronish innit? Cool. Me likes...

Ow bouta BEER?

Leela said...

Wow! Colourful Haiku.

alpha said...

alpha-2? haha! me likes too.
touched by noodles? who'd have thought.

Adi said...

dude, need some advice from a pro

Sony playstation3 or Xbox 360?

alpha said...

adi, i thought you had a sex filled wild life..what happened?

:-) said...

Earth Monkey: Yeah the time has come for the Giant Pink Pussy. Time to replace Om with Meowww. I still need to unresearch the uncyclopedia man. Forever greatful.

Leela: Colors indicate leaves. Note: That Haiku is not mine. Follow the link.

Alpha 2: Yeah, who would have thought? Giant meet balls? Tough run for Lord Shiva. :-))))))

:-) said...

Adi: Dude. X360 anyday. If you are going to be in India, buy the knocked down version. Playstation three is not due till next year. Why wait?

Halo2+X360 = Nirvana.

Alpha: LOL......You are impossible. Hey havent you heard about the vibrating controllers with slots for memory cards?

Adi: This is insult. Come on. Tell us all what actually happened on that wild exotic Jaipur night. (Psst..dont mention the camels).

alpha said...

ahem..slight problem i am having..why do u have yogu twice in your co-blogger's list and me not even once? If this is a hint, i am not getting it.

:-) said...

alpha: Sweetie, you are the queen of the blogs (and this cobloggers list too). My mistake.

alpha said...

Ok cool! You have sold me.:) man, this queen thing is really making me nervous.

Twilight Fairy said...

ok firstly - when are you gonna do something about this ugly comments section :| !!
secondly, where's *my* profound quote? :| ?

:-) said...

alpha: Yeah cool. :-)

Fairy baby,

Gee, I wish I knew what (or how) to do with my comments section. Is it an option that I need to change in the settings? Let me know.

I knew you would demand the publication of your quote. :-)

Blogquote is just an idea that I toyed with. You will see more of it. :-)...and there is always something *profound* in your blog(s). :-)

When are you coming back? It must have been very cold there. I can warm you up. :-)

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