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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Alphu

Happy Birthday Sweetie. :-)

Its Alpha's birthday. Last time I spoke to her, I promised a chocolate pastry to her.

I know, I know, thats a cheap trick.

So, here is a cool trick. :-)

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A12 taj-L untitled Big Red H U


alpha said...

That's so sweet man! Loved it. THANK YOU!!!!

BTW, it was Black Forest not chocolate pasty, you cheapo!

Monkeyshot said...

Hapapappappy budadadadday alphu... and smiles... I shall drink merry today and send thee the bills :)

Patrix said...

Now this is great! Alpha is rightly maha-impressed :)

alpha said...

Happy Birthday To you to Smiley!!!!!!!!!! May you live as long as you buy me that Black forest cake.

thanks again for this big wish.

Thanks monkeyshot...have a shot in my name.

:-) said...

alpha: I am sweet too. Love me.

Monkey: had a blast rey. Missed you after my fourth round. I am talking about go karting re. Kicked everyones ass.

Patty: Between us, dont ever tell this to alpha. Generating words with flickr pic spellings is a neat trick. But, its an easy trick too.

alphu: Thanku Thanku. You just killed your chances of Black forest cake. :-)

Anonymous said...

happy budday :-)..
and keep posting more wonderful posts..

Anonymous said...

happy birthday , smiley


:-) said...

anons: Thanks.

Nikita: why be anon?

:::LL::: said...

belated Huppy Birthday dude, hope you having fun!

Twilight Fairy said...

Happy birthday to Alphie and smilee... bhagwaan tumharee jodee salamat rakhe :)

:-) said...

LL man, after such a long time. How are you buddy?

Fairy: I still think you and I on that full moon day make a better jodi.

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