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Friday, June 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Alpha

Some people are cool. Some people are not. (Duh)You get to be comfortable with some people and you get to be stiff with others.(Duh)

They say (Ok, I made this up) work your way through, rewards follow. I didn’t start jdv to make friends. I just wrote. I ended up making beautiful and loving friends. Babita, Adi, Lee, Pyari Fairy, LL, Neil, Two P, Alpha etc.

Usually for me, it takes years to build a comfortable relationship. I usually stay in my shell. With some I just instantly be myself and be cool.

Alpha is one such. (This praising stuff is getting repetitive lately. But still...)

Not a single day had passed with out her comment or post making me laugh ever since I met her online. (That was a complex sentence. Patrix, grammar check?)

She is such a cool and beautiful chick. (Yeah winners! she is taken.)

To mouth shut, to grumpy, to mouth open, to the evil twin, to a plethora of other characters, to our collective sweetheart, to our alpha, to the queen bee-

May God double bless your already blessed and happy soul with many more blessed and happy years and May you bless us with your happy, unmatched, amazing and enduring wit for many more years to come.

Three cheers to Alpha.

Yours lovingly,

The usual gang of losers, winners, oldies and moms. (And all those lots of hot chicks who anonymously read this blog.)

P.S 30: Alpha just turned thirty.

P.S 2.0: I tried to come up with a wonderfully written happy birthday post. But I aint good with words like Lee or Patrix. I tried to come up with a cool gimmick just like Fairy does on her blog (floating balloons and stuff). But I aint good with gimmicks. I tried to come up with a nice cartoon to post. But I aint good with scheduling to have enough spare times for stuff like that. So, ended up being the same old smiley. Tall on promises, short on delivery. (Gee, I hope this doesn’t get extended to my sex life). So, I ended you up with a silly happy birthday post. Whatever girl. Go break a neck. Kick a butt. Do all that Jinchak stuff. Its your birthday. On the other side of the world, remember, you have friends to say cheers to you.

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