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Friday, June 18, 2004

Smiley meets Lee - Do
Smiley, the Bindaas dude

I did twenty pushups, twenty abs, bleached my face (used a face scrub) and called Lee.

Me: Sweety Lee. I am still in Mumbai.
Lee: Mo maa?
Me: Jeez. Are you back on that meditation thing again?
Lee: (Thoo). I was brushing my teeth. Stupid.
Me: Ok, send me an SMS.
SMS: So what?

I some how convinced her that I was worthy enough to meet atleast during her lunch hour.

Lee: Ok, I can meet you for two minutes. I eat lunch at 1 PM at a restaurant that is right across the street. I cross the road to reach there. You can cross the road with me.
Me: Holy Grandma. Holy cow. Holy cow dung.

I met Lee at her office door.
Lee looked so cute. She wore a jeans and an orange top. I was afraid that I would eat her mistaking for an orange candy.
Lee: You look good. Ok, I will spend the whole afternoon with you.
Me: Holy Grandpa. Holy other Grandma. Spooking. Somebody stop me.

Lee took me to a huge corporate office and introduced me to a lot of her friends. Lee introduced me to her mom. (Or, was that her sister?). Lee treated me with a corporate lunch. Lee then took me to a beach. We walked for a long time. Lee then took me to Barista. Lee treated me with a Guava shake. Lee then took me to Dalal Street. Lee took me to BSE. Lee took me to a book store. Lee took me to a snack joint. We had American Chow Chow Paw. Then Lee took me to the Marine Drive.

I told her about myself, my ambitions and about my friend baboon. She laughed. Pretty soon, I found out that she wasn’t laughing but yawing. Lee then gave me a book. As a gift.
Idiots guide to winning a girl in thirty days.

But why would I need this book. I already won you. I thought. (Leaving the yawning part). Lee then took me to a huge book store. She showed me the books she liked. She showed me some cartoon books and read me some cartoons. We laughed. (This time it was real). Then she said it was time to say good bye.

On our way back I bought couple of mints. (Who knows? May be it was time for that hug and kiss). I dropped her at her station, shook her hands, thanked for everything and left in my cab. Oh, by the way, I gave a spike of a hedgehog as a gift to her. (Two Penny told me that girls would love stuff like that).

If my killer smile (barring the gap between the front teeth) doesnt impress her, my gift would.

I am sure. I am a winner. I am from HBM.

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