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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Smiley Meets Lee - Ek
Lee, the Jinchak chik

Ok, I admit. I made up that Mumbai trip. I went there to just meet Lee. (I am that desperate to get out of that winners club of HBM). Unfortunately for me, my timing sucked. (It always sucks.) The day I landed in Mumbai, Lee was just back from a ten days meditation camp.

Me: Sweetie Lee. I am in Mumbai.
Lee: mo maa? (She wasnt supposed to speak that day).
Me: Ok, send me an SMS.
SMS: So what?

Well, that was an unexpected branch of the flow chart I drew in my end. (My flow chart was supposed to take me and Lee to Lonavala).

I convinced her somehow that I was worthy enough to meet atleast that evening.

Lee: Ok. I can spare you two minutes. My office is right across GT station. I get out of my office at 6:00 and will cross the street to catch the train. You can cross the street with me.
Me: Holy mama. Sounds fantastic. (Ha! Finally. I am going to be a real winner. I am going to be a winner. Laa la lallaa laa laa. I am going to be a winner.)

I met Lee at her office door.
Lee: You look good. Ok, I will spend two hours with you. But you have to pay the bills.
Me: Holy Papa. Spooking. Somebody stop me.

Lee took me to a beach. (Or was that India kings? Sorry India Gate? Sorry Gateway of India?) She showed me the old Taj and the new Taj. She showed me a shady Arabic joint.
She treated me with a masala corn. She took me for a walk on the beach side road. One wave broke on us we almost got wet. (TP dude, stop imagining things. Remember? She is Sis Lee).

Then I saw, Mc Donalds.
Me: Can we have fries there?
Lee: Sure. But you will have to pay.
Me: Spooking.

She took wedges. I took fries. While eating.
Lee: Who is your favourite author?
Me: (Let me look like I know stuff). Ayn Rand. I like him a lot. I like the way he runs the suspense throughout the book.
Lee nodded in agreement.
Me: (Am I getting good at this or what?) Who is your favourite?
Lee: Stephen king. I like spooky stuff.

Then Lee took me to a pub with Mario Miranda cartoons on the wall. I had couple of beers and she had couple of zeers. I had chicken and she had lollipops. She laughed for all the jokes I cracked and all the adventures I told. Finally when I was telling her how my friends dog always liked sniffing my ass I realized that she hadnt been laughing but yawning. I thanked her for her time and said good night.

Day 2.

I woke up and scrubbed my face with a rabbits tail. (Adi gave me this, before I left to Mumbai. He said it worked for him everytime.) I looked at the man in the mirror and said
Dude, dont you worry. You are gonna win Lee today.

will Smiley win Lee?

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