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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Smiley 2.0

I have another blog at , where I will be mostly
posting the kind of posts I used to post at tgid.

I tried importing jdv to and in the process
wordpress kind of screwed up my jdv template. I will repair it soon.
Ofcourse, with some help from Fairy Dear.

The posts that are screwed up here are showing up unscrewed at ,
you know where, . You might wanna
read them there. (If at all).

Love and make love,


Prerona said...

long time ...

:-) said...

Hi Sweetie, after a long time. How you been?

Twilight Fairy said...

so what abt this one?! does it go?

BTW wordpress is supposed to have an import wizard which would import ur blogger posts and comments as well.

The Smiling Girl said...

Love and make love?

Hahaa... :)
I like it!

Thanks for dropping by!

:-) said...

making love part? I am game too.

Anonymous said...

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