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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Nothings. Some sweet. Some sour.

After we finished watching the movie, a convsersation got started and eventually drifted to sex.

May be we should take this up a little higher. We should add kissing into this movie-popcorn-cola routine. You know we can call it KMKPKC Kissing-movie-Kissing-popcorn-Kissing-cola routine.

Hmm...hihihi...hahaha....errr...yeah we can do that.

Sounds great. Come lets kiss.

*after a long kiss*

Sigh. I think we took too long to get here. We should have started kissing right from day one.

*Giggles* Well, we enjoyed the times.

May be you did. I was thinking about how to do it all the while.


What do you mean by "Really?"? What were 'you' thinking?

What do you mean by 'thinking'?

I mean why did you agree to watch movies with me?

To watch movies. Of course.!


What do you mean by "Really?"? What were 'you' thinking?


Tell me. What were you thinking?

Well, to initiate this and take it to the next level.

Intiate what and take it where?

You know, we start with kissing and hugging and we end up in bed. Isnt it a standard routine?

Routine? So is this what you have been thinking during all the times we spent?

Werent you?

So when we went to blah blah blah blah blah..what were you thinking?

That day? That day you looked absolutely delicious. And I was thinking blah blah sex blah blah sex and blah blah sex.

Hmm. So the day you took me to blah blah blah blah.. what were your intentions?

Ha 'that'? See, for an event to happen you have to 'create' some pre-events. So the intention was blah blah sex and blah blah sex.

(Inner Voice: Dude, I have a feeling that this is not your regular quiz show where you give the right answers when you know them.

Me: Inner dude, I know my chicks. Take rest.)

So, all the talk about "you like spending time with me" is crap. Right?

Well, not crap. But I would call it context. The movie context and the intellectual talk context is the premise or OS in which we run "we started with kissing and before we knew it" routine.

(Inner Voice: Dude, trust me. She is not exactly going to appreciate this enlightment.

Me: Inner, I am not exactly soliciting advices at this moment)

So all this is just a 'context'?

"Con"."Text". Ha ha. Funny. Just kidding. Let me put it this way. If I had a choice and if I dont have a context, I would rather take my dog for a walk or have beer with my buddies.

You are a cheat. Thats what you are.

(Inner Voice: Did you ever listen to me?

Me: This is outrageous. She is calling me a cheat. Can you believe that?)

Give me a break, will ya? Dont tell me you never thought about the 'routine'. Dont tell me you dont know that eventually we are going to kiss.

Well, I did think about kissing you. But I am not like you, thinking about it all the time. I also enjoyed our little talks.

Well, my dad is much wiser than me. Why did you pick me? Patrix does better movie reviews than me. Why do you want to watch movies with me? And you never really liked LOTR.

I hate you.

If all you wanted was to watch movie, why are you smelling so good and why are you looking pretty?

Is it my mistake?

Of course, it is your mistake. Come here. Kiss me.

*another long kiss*

Sigh. How did it feel?

Hihihi. Good. I love you. Dont ever talk to me like that.

I love you too.

(Inner Voice: Dude, now is the perfect time to take it to the next level)


Monkeyshot said...

Dude, the new template sucks. Dull polka pbtthhhh... Ask Faily to fix this pronto...

:-) said...

Man, this wordpress thing totally screwed my life. I cant get my template striaght. so I am playing around.

Arrey O Faily...

:..M..: said...

I must say - polka dots? Very becoming of you :p

Please tell me this post wasn't lifted off any personal experience!!

Anonymous said...

cracking one man ..nice..

The Smiling Girl said...

That was some writing about a kiss.. :)

GratisGab said...

You are a magnet to the dumb ones. Either that, or you dont write about the smart ones' reactions (self respect issues)


:-) said...

M: Please dont tell me you already forgot this conversation. :))))

smileyi: I am not just words. I am lots of action too. :)

gabby: Rajamata! How you been? Hmmm..arent all chicks kind of dumb? (And why would I give away intelligent reactions?) :))

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