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Sunday, December 24, 2006



Is Paradoxii a word?
I dont think I care. As long as I communicate the right feeling. Adding to that, if Smiley needs, he creates words.

You know what your problem is?
I wish.
You have an ego that is larger than this room.
As far as I know, I dont have an ego.
Shut the fuck up.

See, your ego got hurt to know that I dont have an ego. You might have a tough time trying to understand this. I HAVE NO EGO.
Shut the fuck up.

I call it attitude. I think modesty is more of "fear of failure" than humility. I dont have a fear of failure. I acknowledge my strengths. People think it is attitude. Well, it IS attitude. Dont confuse it with ego, which has a need to be right.
You know what your problem is Smiley?
I wish.
Your fall is going to be spectacular. Just the way your ascent has been.
I never fall. I just gain experience. :))
Fuck you.

Are you in the safe zone?
Yes I am.
Good. Well, your choice. Ribbed condomn or me. :)
Well, thats some choice. I dont know.
I will drink up this insult and try to present "me". I aint ribbed, but know a trick or two.
Try me.
Love you.


Adi said...

ribbed IS the way to go dude

how u doin with 'prey'?

happy new year!!!

btw, am back for good in blogdom, on blogspot now ;-)

Yogustus said...

u still alive?

:-) said...

Adi: :))) Checked your new blog. Cool man. :))

Yogi: Long time! no see! man. Whre you been?

shekhar said...

nice to c ya..i myself m coming after a long visit me of luck & fuck with the ribbed one!!

Two Penny said...

Dude, this blog stinks of rot. Open the windows and let some fresh words in... :)

alex said...

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