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Friday, September 17, 2010

The stillness

I stare in disbelief at the mechanical rotating fan.
(As if there are digital non rotating fans!!)
Where have I started? Where have I ended?

The unpleasantness of it all, the sadness of it all,
hurts me.
Why me? Why then? Why now?

I am half blessed and half cursed.
I realized that long back.
The confusion is about which part is blessed.

The drive back, is purposeless, energy less,
Unacknowledged. Unappreciated.

The drive to, is thoughtful, hopeful and
Or, thats what I thought.

Dear Gaylord Focker,
I pitied you,
until I met myself.



Ricercar said...

what would we stare at where there are no fans on the ceiling? i live in such a place :-)

:-) said...

:-) Just ceiling and start counting the cracks in it.

Two Penny said...

What if the ceiling has no cracks? What does one do then, o great smiling one.

:-) said...

Oh Peerless Penny! I will answer that in my next post 'Sir, you are wearing your underwear in reverse'.