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Friday, September 17, 2010

What would I blog about?

Sir, you are wearing your underwear in reverse

Yelims (I am anything but Smiley)

Finding the same truth

Who the fuck still blogs?


Patrix said...

But people still read.

PS. You might want to enable comments moderation though (See Recent Comments section on the right)

:-) said...

Its cheerful to know that there are still 'readers' out there.

Hey thanks for the comment moderation suggestion.

Even I dont want my personal problems to be cured in comments.

Ricercar said...

i do! both. blog and read :-)

(feels nostalgic to see both your names on my screen)

RK said...

Welcome back! :)

:-) said...

yeah, Ricercar. Sigh. The good old innocent days. I miss that fun once in a while.

RK: Thanks.