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Friday, February 04, 2005

Blog News
You read it first

Babita added a cutie to her family.
Congrats mom!

Babita sent me a picture of the little one, and guess
what the little one was wearing in the pic?
A black belt.
Like mom. Like daughter. :-)
(Babita is a six sigma black belt holder).

Leela is leaving
Congrats baby!

Leela was offered a paycheck as fat as JLo's butt by an
anonymous sheik. Leela couldnt resist. (Keeping in
JLo's butt in mind, I can understand the temptation).

She is leaving to Dubai. :-(

Leela baby, go kick a butt. (Preferably, JLo's)
(Thanks for all those Mad comics and other books.
I have donated the comics to The Tsunami Relief Fund.)

Patrix is pregnant
Congrats dude!

After the 'I have a third nipple' episode, Patrix had to visit the emergency
room again for 'Everything tastes funny', 'I cant see my dick anymore',
'I am tired', 'I am missing my periods', 'I puked No2 Cheese burger
and ate all the salad' and 'The chicken I ate yesterday is still alive' episodes.
The hot Iranian emergency ward specialist confirmed that Patrix is