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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Four Books, Four Movies and lots of blogs

Finished reading

State Of Fear ***
Siddhartha *****

Just in

The Tipping Point
The 8th Habit

Recently Saw

Swades **
The Polar Express (IMAX 3D) ****
Kill Bill Vol.2 ****
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantaana *****

Recently Discovered Blogs(Not work Safe)

Attu Sees All ****
Fark ***
ErosBlog ****
Met Art *****
Fleshbot *****
Slate *****
Sexylosers ****


:-) said...

Hello Agian.

:-) said...

Until recently I didnt know that the mofos at haloscan are hosting only a limited number of comments.

I felt so sad. Basically I lost all those precious comments of my co bloggers. (:::LL::, no nickers, mouth shut, hbm ers, Leela, Fairy, Babita, Kash, Patrix, and lots of guests. )

If I had an option I would have galdly ditched my posts for comments.

I am glad finally suckers at woke up and did something for us.

Folks, these comments are forever. They are pop up and the best, you dont have to be blogspotter or you dont have to login to post a comment.

With in a week or so, I would withdraw haloscan (I wont forget to save whatever Comments are left on their server . :-) )

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