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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cuddlers and cleaners

Let me start with a cliche. There is a lot of difference between having sex
and making love. Girls need love and boys need sex. Thats generalization.
Yeah there are always exceptions. There are different kinds. Let me freeze
time. Rewind. Let us go the micro second during which the guy comes.
Now let me open his mind for us.

Hmmm..that was not bad. Last time it was 7 minutes. I think (looks at watch)
its 9 minutes now. She clearly had two orgasms. Good. Mmm sucks couldnt
try doggie position even this time. Bah. There is always next time. I wonder
how she enjoyed this one.
Did you like that one baby?

I wonder how she liked it. Man! making this condom sink is a tricky job.
Last time it took me three buckets of water. Should I let her use the toilet
first? Let me be a gentleman.
Did you like it? Also, baby, you wanna use the toilet first? (I am a gentleman)
*Disbilief in her eyes* (I cant believe this. He is a pig).

Hmm, now do I wear my underwear and walk to the toilet or just walk naked.
*Looks inside the blanket* Eeew, thats the ugliest thing I had ever seen. Let
me wear my underwear. I hope she liked my undie. They come with clinically
proven anti microbial lining. I wonder how she liked this one.
Sweetie, did you like it?

God! dont tell me, I spent all my money for THIS. Fuck, it lasted less than a
minute. Her boobs are not as big as I thought. Why in the hell did I order that
fancy dinner? We should have settled down with a pizza. For this kind of money,
I can as well fly to Bangkok. Bang Cock. Hey, thats funny. I wonder if she
likes giving head. I mean, if she doesnt, I am ditching this bitch. She doesnt
smell all that good. Btw, I wonder how she liked it.
Did you like it?

Sigh. Wow. That was cool. Btw, this also is the twelfth one this month. Boy am
I on a scoring spree or what? I like her. She is so soft. I like her moans. Hey,
I am getting hard again. Shall I go for the thirteenth? Hey, today is Friday. That
makes it 13th on the Friday. Hey thats funny. Hey, I can call my dick,
Frankie the thirteenth. Hey thats more funny. Btw, I wonder how she
liked it.
Cutie, did you like it?
Yes my man. You were amazing.
Did you know we just scored a dozen? Ha ha.
You are counting?
I hate you.

Should I still keep it inside. She still looks likes she is enjoying it. Let me give
her some more thursts. She is amazing. I love her so much. Yeah, there, she is
coming. Hold it for her boy. Wow, she is amazingly graceful. There she is
opening her eyes. Look at those beautiful eyes. Look at the pure magical love
she has in her eyes. Sigh. Do I deserve her? I am so lucky.
I love her.
I love you. *Kisses on her lips for a long time*
I love you too baby.
Baby, I am never going to let you go. You are mine. *Hugs her tight*
Me too, love. *Gets hugged*
Btw, did you like it?


Ph said...

What can I say...I was right. :D

Ash said...

Why is it so tough for guys to figure out whether their women liked it ??

:-) said...

ph: absolutely. This post should actually have been a comment on your blog. :-)

ash: Guys are not very good at understanding emotions. :-) (In theory) They also need a benchmark for 'everything'. It is his duty to make his woman happy. He needs a straight forward 'yes' or 'no'.

Earth Monkey said...

Lie, cheat,
Rinse, repeat


BTW, the post stinks... no fucking inspiration (pun intended).

I'd rather have a beer I think ;)

:..M..: said...

Like hell men think that much. But I have to agree with you on the benchmark - how many times have I heard about that one!

:-) said...

Monkey: :-) LOL @ rinse repeat. You never know. I once almost did it.

Yummy: Btw, did you like it err...I mean the post.
P.S: Always rely on first hand information.

:..M..: said...

Smiley: I always like it err..the post ;)

anantha said...

*decides to let go of his usual "talking to himself" routine since at least one of the comments above need a direct reply.

Ash: Why is it so tough for guys to figure out whether their women liked it ??

Hmmm, cos you can fake and we really can't! So we gotta ask to be sure!

In reference to the above said act, please see transcript of conversation between one Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Marie Benes.

JERRY: What about the breathing, the panting, the moaning, the screaming?

ELAINE: Fake, fake, fake, fake.

That's all, Your honor!

:-) said...

::m:: Thanks. I always write for my readers pleasure. :-)

anti: I thinks that is exactly ash's point too. Why cant men understand?