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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Hooters in India .
For us Southies, even their 911 chicken wings wont do.


Ta is the sound you make by pressing your tongue to your upper
jaw and releasing it at once.

Ta is also the sound you automatically make when you eat the lemon
from a lemon pickle.

This morning my mom made two chapati, cabbage curry, spinach dal,
rasam, pulihore and pongal, along with carrot pickle for my meal. I ended
the meal with an extra helping of curds and pulihore. When I thought it was
over, my mom gave me pineapple pieces cut like crop circles.

When she asked me about how the meal was, I said


Prerona said...


:-) said...


:..M..: said...

You must've said ta-ta to a day full of work and slept, only!

All that food sounds yummy. It's a sin!!

Queer said...

Bad idea. Very bad idea to read it on a monday evening, when you forgot to eat your lunch and your stomach is growling loudly enough to echo through your head and the lab! Bad idea Very very bad idea!!!