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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ding Dong

Ding Dong.
I waited for allInOneSrinu to open the door.
No response. Even after a minute.
Lately I am getting this feeling that Srinu is using my
recliner and bed when I am not around.
I could listen to the music being played inside.

Ding Dong. Again.
No response. Again. Even after a minute.
I tried to peek through the curtain. I could see couple of candles on the floor.

What the fcuk is Srinu upto and why the fuck is he not opening the door?
Thats it sucker is fired. This is it.

Ding Dong. Again.
No resonse.Again.

I angrily knocked on the door.
The door opened.

I pushed it wide open.
The recliner was facing me.
On the recliner was a teddy bear.
On the recliner was a greeting card.
Next to the recliner was a stand. On the stand was two pasta bowls.
(With pasta in them). Two wine glasses. (With wine in them).
My amp was playing some love song from a love album.
(Pardon my music knowledge).

I looked around. Candles everywhere. Some of them scented.
I picked up the card.
Surprise. It said.

I whistled.
I went into the bed room. She was standing there.
Wearing a skirt and a top (ok, whatever you call it).

I kissed her. She smelled good.
This is so cool. I said.
I am glad you liked it. She said.
I am not yet into what I actually liked.
I ran my hand around her waist.
She came closer.
We kissed for a long time.
Suddenly as if I remembered something I undressed myself.
We made love. Not the sex kind of sex but making love kind of sex.

Then we sat and ate the pasta stuff. Drank the wine stuff.
Then we made love. Again. Not the sex kind of love but making love kind
of love.

I am glad we are not in love. She said.
Yeah, or else we would have screwed it up by now. I added.

So much for love. So much for making love.


Earth Monkey said...

love songs from love album, wine and dance, scented candles and love making. not sex, sheeshhhh. thats for wussies.

Half a step more dude, and we'll will all pray for you :))))

All That 'Predicated' Jazz said...

Hey dirty boy, you bonking your maid? :-D

somebodyelsenotme said...

Aww, Smiley. You make such grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Bend over. I must spank you ;-)))

And it looks like some people aren't getting any (that's if they ever did!) - it's so apparent that it's pathetic!

:-) said...

monkey: a giant step for smiley kind. :-) yeah...almost there arent we? I am working. I am working.

jazz: LOL. That was a good one.

somedude: spank? drool. :-)

Twilight Fairy said...

Sigh.. YAWD? (Yet Another wet dream?)

:-) said...

dream on :-)

Twilight Fairy said...

dream on? looks like you are still in geele sapne-land (that was land as in zameen you pervert) dude!

:-) said... took me a lot of time to understand 'land'. :-)