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Monday, July 12, 2004


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Light from a distant fluorescent lamp filled the room through the
curtain less glass windows. At that past midnight hour, it looked
like moonlight inside the room. Two mosquitoes were singing
beautiful tunes for us. The sky blue blanket was 100% cotton
and very soft. She smelled great. I had a smile on my face and I
was looking forward to every second of that night.

We remained so for a while. Such softness for such a long time in
such a close proximity never happened to me before. I was truly
overwhelmed. I tilted my head a little down. Her hair strayed
and irritated my nose. I adjusted my face to avoid her hair. My nose
touched her forehead. My lips were somewhere near her eyebrows.

I was hardly breathing. I kissed her on her forehead. She didnt move.
For a moment I thought she fell back into her sleep. For a moment
I was clueless. She adjusted her face in such a way that I didnt
have to tilt my head to kiss her again. So I kissed. This time with a
new found confidence and new born love. I kissed her on her still
closed eyes. Placed my hand on her cheek and later cupped that
side of her face with my palm.

I could feel her steamy warmth. I could see the edges of lips,
where the pink suddenly ended, getting more visibly outlined.
When I kissed her cheek I slightly tasted her. She was a little
salty. I wiped out the moist I left, with my thumb. A streak of pale
yellow followed my thumb on her skin. Soon the yellow got filled
with red. I repeated it several times. Her right cheek became
distinctly brighter than her left cheek.

Just when I was to kiss her left cheek she slightly opened her eyes,
placed her hand around my neck, drew closer to me and kissed me full
on my lips. I was least prepared for that soft assault. Oddly,
her lips were a little stiffer than I thought they would be. I didnt
have enough air left in me to hold my breath for a long time. So
I separated myself. Her breath got a little irregular and the
raise and fall of her chest got more animated.

This time I drew closer. Kissed her full on her lips. We repeated
that for many times before at her surprise I let my tongue suddenly
in. She became a little defensive and hesitant. She was a little
sticky inside. The tastelessness of her saliva surprised me.

I took charge and placed my hand on her breast and felt her erect
nipple. I ran my finger along the circumference.

The guy sleeping next to her woke up and started coughing. We froze.
My finger on her nipple just stayed there.

An air of heat and anticipation surrounded us. My heartbeat was
so loud that I thought he would hear it. I regained my senses.

Light from a distant fluorescent lamp filled the room through the
curtain less glass windows. At that past midnight hour, it was
igniting fire in two young hearts. The sky blue blanket was all
we needed at that moment. My finger was still on her erect nipple.
I was just looking forward for that guy to settle down.

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