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Friday, July 02, 2004

Saala, Gabbar. Aa be aa. (Duex)

As I have mentioned already, Madhav and I had certain
instinct together. When Gabbar entered the toilet that
day, something stopped us from running down. Gabbar
acted a little smart that day.

He went inside casually and within couple of minutes he
suddenly opened the door to see who was standing outside.
None. He did that again. It was just too much adrenaline
for us. We ran down the third time he locked himself. We
stood before his door. Inside his tap was running. Ok, one,
two, three go. Saala Gabbar, aa be aa. We started banging.

To our utter horror, Gabbar was patiently waiting inside
faking a running tap. The moment we started banging, Gabbar
unlocked the door. Our mind took few micro seconds to
understand what was happening. We held on to the handle
of the door. A fierce tug of war went for a minute.Gabbar,
fuming and shouting from inside was trying to open the door
with all his strength. We were trying to close the door
holding on to our dear lives and the door handle.

We managed to outpull him, then we closed the door from
outside and ran to our room.

Gabbar started his * profanity and started banging and
kicking the door from inside. Nobody dared to open the door.
We lived in panic for a full hour. If there were any last
lines, we crossed them. A defeat of that magnitude will not
go down very well with any senior. Sooner or later he was
going to find out who it was. Images of hanging upside down
from the terrace, running butt naked around the campus,
eating a full toothpaste, licking his shoes etc flashed
in our minds.

Next day, Gabbar looked like someone who didn’t get his
sleep for days. Dark circles grew under his eyes. We watched
in horror, Gabbar like a buffoon, faking the toilet act
and suddenly coming out only to find none outside.

It went on for a long time. We didn’t dare to push it any further.

An astonishing thing happened then. Gabbar faked entering
the toilet for the tenth time. Then, a junior ran towards
his toilet, locked him from outside and started banging on
his door. Saala, Gabbar. Aa be aa. Nobody opened the
door later. We all forgot about him and went to the college.
It was rumoured that, that day, Gabbar neither shouted from
inside nor asked any one to open the door. An unsuspecting
soul who accidentally opened that door around noon was
punched so hard that he saw Divya Bharathi who was long
dead by then.

We never saw Gabbar around toilets again. Within couple of
days, he managed somehow to get a bed in the seniors hostel
and left. Later, at the end of that year, Gabbar was elected
as Senior of the year during the farewell party.

We came to know that he was actually a warm hearted and fun
loving dude. He shook hands with all of us. I have to admit
that I got shit scared when I shook his hands.

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