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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Aqua Devils Association-Char
Revenge of a nerd

Stupid boy, still waving hand. By the way, what is that he is holding in his hand?
That's my mobile!

Stupid boy was signaling that I got a call on my mobile.

Of all the strokes, back stroke needs little effort. When you just try to stay
afloat on your back and let the current drift you, you need very little energy.
That was my last resort.

I managed to communicate to my Devil dude.

Thaaht caahll huff puff huff puff iihs impohrtant. I am gohing bahck.

I just floated. I let myself to be drifted along. Something told me not to mess
with devils anymore. Something told me that my chances were slim. Really slim.
Something told me to just stay calm and count the clouds. Stay calm and count
the clouds. Pain and exhaustion are survival systems. They are limiting in nature.
You can always extend them. I went wherever the current took me. Occasionally I
took advantage of the current and drifted diagonally.

I reached the bank atleast a full half kilometer from the boy.

I walked back. Took the mobile from the angel boy. Called back and profoundly
thanked the angel guy who called me to say good morning to me.

Life came back in all its glory. Everything looked dear and beautiful.

I showed the boy all the features of my cell phone. I answered all of his
questions. I took him to my car and gifted him a spike of a hedgehog, that I have
been carrying in my glove box. I took couple of snaps of him with my camera
phone. He watched himself on the screen and giggled. I enquired him if he wanted
to pose nude. He did. I stripped him and took couple of more snaps. I promised him
not to show those pictures to his dad or mom.

The boy a little later informed me that the devils can do lot of stuff. Like, one
of them sleeps floating on the water. Another one can dive so deep, he can touch
the bottom of the river wherever you tell him to. One Devil can pull a small boat
from one end to the other. Another one can stay for three minutes under water.

So what can you do? The boy asked.

Oh! Me? I can pee while swimming.

I showed him the devils who were still chatting in their informal circle.

I just swam into the meeting, peed in the middle of the circle and came back.

The little stupid/angel boy looked at and admired me with wide eyes for couple
of seconds.
Thats awesome. You are so cool. He added.

Yeah, I know. I know. I am cooler than the devils.

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