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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Saturday Night

Adi and I have been planning to have a beer from such a long time. When I met
Adi at HBM, I liked him instantly. He is such a cool guy.

Neil and I reached there first. Easy Rider is a Rock pub. Both of us were not into rock.
Two penny guy joined us. Adi came with a bleached face. LL joined us soon. We went
inside and shouted for a while. Then decided to quit. Went to a Punjabi Restaurent
(Err...I forgot the name).

It was a nice place. They asked us to wait for a while to get in. We waited on
the terrace. It had a beautiful view of Hyderabad. We discussed about our
non existing girl friends.

I have to say something about the Two Penny guy. He said he met with a serious
accident last week. He had injuries (serious and FULL injuries) on both hands,
one broken rib and a dislocated shoulder. Now, thats really cool. He looked
so content. He is definitely on my buddies list.

Some of the tit bits from our discussion

Adi:"We are a bunch of winners"

Adi:"The best cocktail I had was 'Sex on the Beach' after I had sex on a
beach in Goa"
Two Penny:"So you paid for two?"

Smiley:"The weirdest cocktail I have ever had was at Hyatt. The bartender mixed lots
of stuff and finally topped it off with spirit. He then lit it. Boom it went
into flames. Then he asked me 'drink' the flame. I drank"
Adi:"Huh? Is that all? The one I had was Chinese. It was a shuttle cock kind of
container that had a tube at the bottom. You have to suck through the tube.
Oh and they had a live snake in the container"

After couple of large pegs I slowly got high. The thing is, two pegs is good enough
for me. But I didnt admit it and ordered for the third one. (Because Adi and
Two Penny ordered for their third?) After that, I dont remember much. I guess it
was books. Yeah, it was books. Books, authors, films, work, LL, broken ribs,
Neil's dad, Adi's mom, LL, life, cricket etc.

Adi is extremely good at one liners. He made us laugh and laugh.

One cool thing about men is, they are cool. I mean, here we are, some strangers
on the street, having a good time like we have been friends for a long time.
Both Neil and LL are such a wonderful guys. (They didnt drink and yet shared the

Finally we said good night. Neil and LL over paid the bill. I met an
entrepreneur on my way, who was selling 'I love you' balloons on the street at
midnight. I met an auto guy whose name is 'Khan latif Khan'. He dropped me at
home. I hugged him and said good night.

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