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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Curious Kid and The Sex Starved Vinnies-Do
Every action has a twice and opposite reaction

The Salesman rambled on about the latest cushion bed with an ultra soft, imported, 8-inch thick mattress which was good for your back, helped you sleep soundly, enhanced your sexuality, increased your life span and prevented hair fall.

Vinny bought it.

He excitedly called me and told me about his new purchase. “The bed recoils with twice the force that you use on it,” he said. “It’s like having sex in a train vestibule. All you have to do is hold the direction. The bed takes care of the rest.”

But the bed only made things worse. Vinny and Winny couldn’t indulge in their early morning indiscretions, when the kid wasn’t awake yet. With each of Vinny’s forward thrusts, the kid used to fly a couple of inches in the air and fall back onto the bed wide awake…

“I knew it. I knew it. You guys always play games when I am asleep. I knew it. I knew it.”

We all laughed and finished our beers.

The next day, I agreed to join the Vinny’s on their drive back home. We all got into the car.

TCK: Hey can you see through you black goggles?

Me: Yes I can. Why?

TCK: If I can’t see through a black car, how can you see through a black glass?

Good logic, I agreed. And then I explained the concept of transparency to her.

TCK tried on the glasses. She agreed that transparency exists. I feared that she might bend them, so I took them off her face and wore them. She tried to grab them back.

I suddenly barked.

“Grrr…….Bow wow wow.” (I am really good at that).

She jumped in her seat. “What did you do that for?”

Know what is going happen next in

The Curious Kid and The Sex Starved Vinnies-Teen
A Kid free bed and a huge mango.

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