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Monday, May 17, 2004

The curious kid and The Sex Starved Vinnies –Ek
Co-Authored by Trick Baby

..and then,she was born.

A cousin of mine visited me recently. Let’s call him Vinny. He has a wife. Let’s call her Winny. They have a five year old daughter. Let’s call her The Curious Kid (TCK)

I took them to the IMAX theatre, to a few restaurants, shopping malls etc. - the regular, boring stuff that a host is obliged to do. It was only on the second night that things got interesting. My cousin Vinny, a few friends and I had gone out for a couple of beers.

After the second beer, the conversation turned to sex (or rather, the lack of it). Friend1’s wife was out of town. For one whole month, he added sadly. Friend 2 was single and didn’t have a girl friend. We looked at Vinny.

Vinny: “Why are you‘ll looking at me?”

Me: “Man, you a have a beautiful wife. After this beer, you are gonna go home and have sex, aren’t you?”

He sighed. His face resembled that of a worn out soldier. He looked sadly into the distance and said, “I wish…”.

With another sigh, he finished his beer.

“Women!”, we nodded in sympathy.

“It’s the kid” he said, “It’s the kid”.

Before the arrival of TCK, Vinny and Winny were like any other happily married couple. They used to have sex four times a week. Sometimes even a quickie in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Then TCK was born.

TCK was an unusually curious kid. She always wanted to know everything about everything. So she never slept until everyone in the house was asleep. She also never slept alone, in case she missed out on the conversation and happenings in the other parts of the house.

Vinny and Winny gradually forgot about their once wild and vivid sex life. Whenever they did remember, they would try every trick in the book to make TCK go to bed early. Vinny practiced artificial snoring. Winny pretended to fall asleep. But the moment Vinny’s hand touched Winny, TCK woke up, shouting, “I knew it. You make me sleep and play more games. I knew it. I knew it.”

Days grew into weeks. Weeks grew into years. The Vinnies got gloomier. They even contemplated sending the kid to a boarding school. But The Curious Kid was just too curious to leave home.

Just when they thought they’d seen the worst, a sales man came along one day.

know whats gonna happen next in

The Curious Kid and the Sex Starved Vinnies- Do
Every action has a twice and opposite reaction

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