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Sunday, May 02, 2004



I had this fever right from the morning. For the whole day I slept in my bed.
Drank three full bottles of Electrol. By evening I felt a lot better. I dragged
myself to a book store and bought couple of books. (Thanks for the recommendation).

On my way back, the fact that I had been reading lot of girl stuff, bothered me.
As a matter of fact lately I have been reading lots of girl blog stuff too. I am
also enjoying their posts. Like Fairy's sister's feet post. They even dominate my
co bloggers list. The books I bought were also by female authors.


Adi, Two Penny, Lazy and I had planned for an YAGFLBP that night.

After I reached home, I opened the first book. Jhumpa Lahiri's 'Interpreter of
Maladies'. I saved Gita Mehta for a later day (The other book). I liked Lahiri's
first short story 'A temporary matter' a lot.

Then I got this call from this 'Good looking/talented/artistic/has great
sense of humour-----but already taken' girl . (Thanks for the call).

I finished the call and drove hurriedly to the party.

Lazy and TP were already there.

We had cocktail samosas.

Adi came in and joined and ordered A Kabab, B Kabab and C Kabab.

A new kid on the block named 'V*****' joined us. He is a biggie in a big software
company, we were told. (A big biggie). For such a big biggie he was
pretty down to earth. (Girls, you might want to jot down his number).

To winners. We cheered.

During the conversation, we found out that Two Penny and LL are still virgins.
We thoo ed them. (Thoo).

(Smiley: Lazy, are you still a virgin?
Lazy: *Looking here and there* No comments)

Then Adi ordered D Kabab, E Kabab and F Kabab.

Smiley: Adi, did you really like Fairy's poems?
Adi: *Thinks for couple of seconds* Yes, I did.

Two Penny: Who is this Lee?
Smiley: She is a myth. She is a spook.
Two Penny: Ha ha ha.
Smiley: Ha ha ha.

The Big Biggie: Oh! Lee. Is she the one who won an Abby? I know her.

We were really spooked.

Adi then ordered G Kabab, H Kabab and I Kabab.

We paid the bill and left to Whisper valley. (The biggie's home). The home
looked like it was straight out of a movie set. Rows and rows of DVDs neatly
arranged. Xbox. Literally hundreds of book on shelves. (James Gleicks Chaos to
Bridget Jones Diary).

In his kitchen (which also came out of a movie set) in one of the closets
were neatly arranged bottles of alcohol. Malibu to Bombay Sapphire.

It was two am. We watched Matrix and admired the chick in leather outfit. We all
agreed that Matrix is Godsend. Two Penny and LL enquired if the biggie was carrying
any porn stuff. (These virgins!). He throwed one.

We watched a couple making love in a bathtub, in surround sound Bose audio.
It was just too sweet. We agreed on that and switched back to Matrix. Adi put
'Gone in 60 seconds'. We admired the sweet sound of Mustang. Its better
than sex. We agreed.

I dropped everyone and reached home at 3 am.

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