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Monday, May 24, 2004

Delirium Three Ex.

The edge of her sari felt like a smooth breeze.
It stayed on my face for a while, before it flew.

Where am I going?

She expected me to follow I guess. She gingerly walked back and held my

The imbalance.

It will always be there. Things are always out of balance. It is the
direction in which you are trying to balance is what matters.

She plucked one of those beautiful flowers from the ground and smelled it.

A profound silence.

You are trying to balance. You are trying to balance everything. You cant.
What do I balance then?

All I can say is, what you get out of your journey is your Joie De Vivre.
I know.
Dont try to shape the journey. Shape yourself for the journey.
No. Let me finish. Reach! But not at the expense of a beautiful journey.

A series of thoughtSpheres broke in my mind. With each pop of sphereShell I
raced towards the simplicity of the truth.

I looked at her. Nothing else mattered.
She looked at me with the flower held to chest.
I reached forward to place a hand behind her neck.
To grab her towards me. To kiss her. To tell her that I love her.


Can you wait for a while?


We kissed for a long time.

He watched.

We went for a stroll.

He followed.

We made passionate love under a big banyan tree.

He waited.

We talked our hearts out.

He listened.

Finally she fell asleep with a smile on her face and hand in my hand.

You were saying something?

Yeah! Dont try to shape the journey. Shape yourself for the journey and
know your destination.


I watched her for a long time. She was content. Her hand firmly holding
mine even in her sleep.


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