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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


A friend gave me 'Halo' for my Xbox couple of days back. Once I started it,
I couldnt stop. (Finished six levels. Four left). I slept at three am this
morning. I am deprived of sleep from the past one week. Can someone sing a
lullaby for me?

P.S: Make sure that you are carrying your plasma shield.

P.S: If anyone of you is thinking about buying a gift for me there is nothing
that can make me happier than Halo2.

P.S: Here is a snapshot of my current thought.
S**t I just scanned four of them on North East.
Click. Click. Low on ammo. Low on plasma. One grenade left.
Where the f%#@ is Captain Keyes?
I am gonna charge in. Someone cover me from long.

P.S: Can someone sing a lullaby for me?

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